Video Gear

Making videos while traveling? Not that easy, because everything needs to be small and light. Over the years I have discovered which is the best equipment.

Video Equipment Anja Youtuber


  • Canon M50: I use this one and my iPhone now for pretty much all filming
  • GoPRO 6: I use this for underwater footage and action (sold-not using this one anymore)


General Gear


First, I should say that I am an Apple user. I grew up using Windows, never liked it that much. Later switched to Apple and although I sometimes hate them, I still think that Apple is 10 times better than Windows and better than Android. I was considering switching to Android for a while, but in the end, I have to admit that I love the Apple ecosystem and the simplistic design of Apple so I am sticking with it.

Couldn't live without:

  • Kajabi.com: We host all of our German courses on this platform. Love them! They got great support, great tech and an overall amazing vision. There is other platforms like Teachable and Thinkific, but I love Kajabi for the most.
  • Flixier.com: Can't stress how much I love these guys. I got a lifetime deal from Appsumo and have been using Flixier with my team ever since.
  • Gsuite (aka Google Workspace): We use this for almost everything: Drive, Docs, Google Slides etc. All of our precious content is here.
  • Monday.com: The tool where my team and I plan our days, weeks, months,...
  • Lastpass: I use this for all my passwords
  • CloudApp: This has been such a time saver when explaining stuff to my team. You can simply record your screen and share it immediately with your team member. There are some alternatives like Loom or Droplr which also seem to work fine but I've never tried them.
  • Helpscout: We use Helpscout for customer support and LOVE the simplicity of it.
  • Screenflow (for Mac): This used to be my main editing program... now it's Flixier 😉 I use it to record my screen, edit my videos, easily add any pictures I want. In my opinion it's the best editing program if you don't want something too complicated. A good Windows alternative is Camtasia.
  • Evernote: I use this for writing my diary, the articles for this blog. It syncs with my phone, so if I need quick access to information I always have it available.
  • My Website is built on WordPress with Thrive Themes. I had a long struggle deciding between the Divi Theme and Thrive Themes. In the end, I decided on Thrive, because Divi drove me nuts.

Could live without but wouldn't be so nice:

  • Franz: Messaging App. Love this one. With one single App (for Mac) you get all your messaging together: Gmail, Messenger by Facebook, Slack etc. You can have multiple Slack Channels, multiple Gmail accounts etc.
  • Handbrake: This was a great tip a friend of mine once gave me to compress videos quickly and with no quality loss. Usually I use it when the internet is shitty, but I really need to upload video content.
  • Skype: I use Skype more often than Zoom, but really like both. 
  • Calibre: This is the App I use for my Ebooks on my Mac.
  • Crowdcast and Webinarjam: We use these for the live-calls in our German course.

The Best Travel Apps

  • Couchsurfing: I used to use Couchsurfing a lot when traveling when I was younger. Nowadays, I prefer sleeping in my own room instead of surfing couches. However, I also love the Hangouts function to meet people. At the moment, I am not using Couchsurfing at all, but I still want to mention it here, because I've always loved their concept.
  • Google Fi: Sick of buying a new Sim-Card in each new country? Check out Google Fi. A bit pricey for Europeans, but still love it!
  • Grabr: If you are traveling in countries which don't have Amazon etc. this App can have someone bring your orders for you. 
  • Musicmatch Lyrics Finder

The Best Lifestyle Apps

  • Calm: My favorite meditation App. You get a daily meditation of 10 minutes and the lovely woman in the always talks about other philosophical ideas at the end of each session. Highly recommend.
  • 7 MWC: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Photo and Video Apps

  • Perfect Video: Hands down my favorite App for editing videos. It's just easy to insert subtitles and other things. For dummies. I love.
  • InShot: Another amazing editing App
  • ProMovie: If I need to control the audio levels manually in my videos (very important for me, because my voice is super loud and the audio gets distorted easily!)
  • CutStory: Doing Instagram Stories? You need, need, need this App. It cuts your stories if the videos are longer than 15 secs and creates multiple stories in a row (all ending up as one whole video)
  • Snapseed: Another nice App, this time to edit photos. You can make your face brighter, use many presets and other cool stuff.
  • Quik: A GoPro Video Editor which is exactly what it says: Qui(c)k. To be honest I don't use it that often, but many of my friends do and love it.